Friday, August 21, 2009

In Supreme Court Amicus Brief, Bryan Schwartz Law Weighs In Regarding California Non-Exempt Workers' Meal and Rest Periods

California's Supreme Court has before it the case of Brinker v. Superior Court, S166350, in which the Supreme Court will decide for all non-exempt workers in California to what extent, if any, they have any real entitlement to take the meal and rest periods guaranteed them by California law. Though California law provides that employers must pay costly premiums if their employees work through meal and rest periods, in Cal. Labor Code sec. 226.7 - to push employers to ensure that their employees are taking breaks - the Brinker decision completely undercuts the law. The decision gives employers an incentive to publish a superficially-compliant meal/rest policy, without giving actual breaks to their employees.

Follow this link to read the brief submitted by Bryan Schwartz Law to the California Supreme Court on behalf of amici curiae, the California Employment Lawyers' Association and the Consumer Attorneys of California, asking the Supreme Court to reverse Brinker:

California's workers' well-being depends on it!

Bryan Schwartz

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