Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Employment Discrimination in Academia

Bryan Schwartz Law's work with co-counsel Equal Rights Advocates was recently discussed in the April 2012 Equal Rights Advocates Education Equity Campaign Special Report:

Education Equity Must Include Equity for Educators: ERA Takes on Discrimination in Academia 
ERA, along with co-counsel Bryan Schwartz Law, has recently begun investigating discriminatory tenure, promotion, review, and pay practices at Pitzer College, a member of the Claremont Colleges. A female faculty member of color at Pitzer has alleged that the Pitzer president and other members of the school administration discriminated against women seeking tenure. The client is an accomplished professor who was denied tenure despite two enthusiastically positive recommendations from the College’s tenure committee and positive evaluations from her department, students, and external scholarly reviewers. Female faculty members also report gender-based pay inequities. Our client reports: “I am surprised that a college that so strongly articulates a commitment to social responsibility would not be more concerned with investigating and addressing unequal treatment and would not work harder to maintain a fair, consistent, clear, and transparent process with respect to faculty promotions. I hope that changes will be made so that all junior faculty at the institution, particularly women and women of color, are not subjected to what I have gone through.” ERA is taking on gender discrimination in schools and colleges and the workplace in collaboration with sister organizations across the country, including the American Association of University Women.

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